Frequently Asked Questions

Generic Questions
  • What is Kinacu?

    Kinacu is a sport system for club to manage their sport facilities automatically, and an app for users to book facilities and join games. We are continiously improving the code of Kinacu, with new tools appearingon a regular basis.

  • What is the App for ?

    Players can find and book facilities directly through the App.

  • What is the dashboard for ?

    The dashboard make it easier for sport clubs to manage their facilities, membership and users, specify pricing, schedule and more.

  • How do I register my club?

    Fill this form, a member of Kinacu will get in touch.

  • What are the necesary steps to make my club live?

    First create a schedule and a Rate and apply it to at least one facility, finally you'll have to define how players will pay you (cash, online payments...)

Question for Players
  • How to get the mobile app?

    If you own an iphone: App Store

    If you are more of an android person (Samsung, Huawei…): Google Play

  • Does Kinacu take a comission on my bookings?

    Kinacu is 100% free for players, furthermore we don't charge any comission on bookings.

  • Why is th app asking me my current location?

    Optionnally, you can acvtivate GPS to help the app finding the closest clubs to you.

  • How to choose the best facility?

    As you browse the facility through the App, you can compare price, pictures, weather on your bookig day, club infos and more.

  • How do I make a first booking?

    Clic on the + button, then chose sport, date and duration. If there is availability, a result page will appear.

  • How and when do I have to pay ?

    After reviewing your booking, you will have to chose between the diffrents payment methods enabled by the club.Depending on the available method chosen, payment will be made as follows or on the booking day (in case of cash payment for instance).

  • I can't choose some the payment method that I would like to use, why so?

    Payment's method and cancellation policy may vary from one club to another

  • How do I join an open Game?

    Clic on search game, all the open games will show up. Can't find an interesting game in the list ? Create your own open game.

  • A member of my game (or myself) has to cancel a bookings for which I paid already, do I get a refound?

    You can cancel a booking and recieve 100% refounds when you do it with early enough (depending of each club politic), if it's to late, the club might charge you a cancellation fee.

  • ¿When to use the system of shared payment with your freinds?

    Only use it when all the participants of the game have the app and when you want payment to be shared through the app. Make sure all participants complete the payment with enough time in advance, so the game doesn't get cancelled.

  • How to chose the participants of the game?

    If your freinds already have an account on Kinacu, clic on them on the list. If they don't have the app, skip this step.

  • How to gather my freinds into the App?

    In the menu section, clic on invite a friend.

  • I added a few players to my match, why is the price diferent from a player to another?

    The price for a player depends of its membership. If a players pay less or more than another, it means that they don't have the same membership.

Questions for club owners
    I want to Try Kinacu, what do I do?

    Congratulation ! You can either call us at (+34) 971 88 70 07 or fill this form. We will set up your club in our system and give you credentials to log in.

    ¿What is the free trial period?

    During 1 month you can use Kinacu for free, you'll have access to the full dashboard, no credit card needed.

    What happens when my free plan ends?

    A member of our team will contact you. From here, you'll choose to keep going with us or not. If you continue with us, we will start charging you a monthly fee.

    What features does Kinacu offer exaclty?

    Calendar of your bookings, statistics of your icomes as well as of the perfomances of your facilities. free time between bookings can be filled thanks to Idle Time which send offers to users, making your club realise extra profits. the Dashboard is fully compatible with Smart Lock IP68: the system to automatically open courts dors. Interested in knowing more, call us at (+34) 971 88 70 07 or send us an email at support@kinacu.com